TMJ Treatment

TMJ/TMD Treatment in Weymouth, MA

Teeth discomfort is a symptom of many dental disorders, but it can indicate some medical issues too. If you visit a dentist for teeth sensitivity or pain and they cannot find a specific cause, then it could be TMD or Temporomandibular Disorder.

If it is this disorder, our dentists at Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry can help you by prescribing a TMJ/TMD treatment to help ease your pain.

Symptoms of TMD

This disorder, TMD, is also known as TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder. One of our dentists in Weymouth, MA will make a diagnosis based on your symptoms. Along with teeth sensitivity, some of the other symptoms are:

  • Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Problems with opening and closing your mouth
  • Hearing pops or clicks when opening your mouth
  • Pain when chewing, yawning, or biting

Causes of TMD

While the description of symptoms is the main way to diagnosis the problem since there are not any standardized tests for it, our dentists may also do a physical exam of your mouth and jaw, then take x-rays to look for teeth alignment issues or jaw injuries.

The primary causes of this disorder include jaw dislocation or injuries, teeth misalignment, or arthritis, along with taking x-rays to help identify any physical problems, our dentists at Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry will make an impression of your teeth to study how they fit together.

TMD Dental Treatment

The treatment for TMD by our dentists near you in Weymouth, MA involves using a mouthguard to prevent jaw clenching and bruxism, which means teeth grinding. Since stress is often another factor in TMD, it can physically manifest as jaw clenching or teeth grinding.

Grinding your teeth will eventually wear down and flatten the tops of the teeth, which leaves them more susceptible to breaking when you eat or grind your teeth while you’re sleeping. To prevent this habit from affecting your teeth, your dentist will prescribe a dental mouthguard.

TMD Mouthguard

Our dentists at Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry will usually prescribe a nighttime mouthguard if you have a diagnosis of the disorder, and there is evidence that you grind your teeth.

The mouthguard is customized to fit your teeth so that it will be comfortable to wear and avoid more problems from an ill-fitting generic mouthguard. If you suspect TMD due to your symptoms, consult with one of our dentists in Weymouth, MA to get a diagnosis and treatment.

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