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Dental Implant in Weymouth, MA

Although you might not realize it, many of the adults and elders walking around you today have dental implants. A dental implant in Weymouth, MA, is a restorative procedure designed to replace missing permanent teeth with a durable synthetic model. If you are missing one or more of your teeth and are experiencing health issues, or would simply like to complete your smile, contact Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry in Weymouth, MA today. We offer comprehensive treatment, a relaxing and friendly atmosphere, and state of the art technology to ensure you have a comfortable and efficient visit.

How a Dental Implant Works

Dental implant in Weymouth, MA, are a straightforward appliance. Each synthetic tooth is composed of a root and a crown. The root is made of titanium and is designed to hold the crown in place by going through the gums and sitting directly in the jawbone. Once the root is installed, the jawbone grows around it and holds it in place.

After the root has been placed, the tooth crown is screwed onto it. The crown sits on top of the gums and is the portion that resembles the main body of the tooth. It is made of porcelain or composite resin and provides a new surface for biting, chewing, and eating comfortably.

What Are the Benefits?

As a dental office in Weymouth, MA, have made it our mission to help our patients reach optimal oral health and wellness through minimally invasive procedures. When someone loses one or multiple permanent teeth, the loss has numerous negative effects on the mind and body.

People who have lost teeth are more likely to experience common ailments like gum disease, tooth decay, and halitosis. They can also develop more serious problems like a thinning jawbone underneath the missing teeth, as well as facial collapse.

Besides physical injuries, research indicates that people who are missing teeth experience poor self-confidence and esteem. This means they are less likely to engage in basic behaviours like speaking, eating in public, or even smiling.

Patients who have dental implant in Weymouth, MA, receive durable missing tooth replacement teeth that do not decay, do not become infected, and do not develop cavities. The dental implant strengthens the jawbone and provides patients with the ability to smile, eat, and speak with ease.

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