Conservative Dentistry

Conservative Dentistry in Weymouth, MA

If you’re like most people, then there’s at least one aspect of your smile or oral health that you wish you could change. Maybe you believe your front teeth would look better if they were longer, or perhaps you wish your smile was brighter. The great news is that you can transform your smile without resorting to drastic measures. This is what we refer to as conservative refurbishing or conservative dentistry in Weymouth, MA.

Conservative refurbishing, or conservative dentistry, refers to restoration procedures that preserve as much of the natural tooth as possible. Here at Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry, we pride ourselves on providing excellent conservative dentistry in Weymouth, MA.

Conservative Refurbishing Options

Would you like a smile makeover that doesn’t involve invasive procedures? Our dentist in Weymouth, MA, will sit with you and listen to your needs and come up with a personalized treatment plan.

The type of restoration that our weymouth dentist will suggest will be based on your current state and your desired outcome. If you have discoloured teeth, our dentist may recommend porcelain or composite resin veneers. Discolored teeth can also be restored through dental bonding.

Other preventive dentistry options include teeth whitening or bleaching, tooth-colored fillings, and maintenance treatment for healthy gums.

Is bad breath, also known as halitosis, getting in the way of your self-confidence and relationships? We can help you with that too.

What to Expect

Our patients’ safety, peace of mind, and comfort are our priority. We know that dental appointments can be nerve-wracking for many people. For this reason, we work tirelessly to ensure you feel calm and relaxed during your time with us. From the warm welcome you’ll receive at the reception to our dentist’s compassionate manner, we know how to make our patients feel like family.

We also offer sedation dentistry in Weymouth, MA. Sedation is used together with anesthesia and isn’t a replacement for anesthesia. Sedation allows patients, including those with extreme dental anxiety, to receive dental treatment without feeling tense and anxious. Let us know if you’d like to get sedated during your next preventive dentistry appointment.

We are happy to work with patients of all ages and are looking forward to seeing you during your next visit. Call us right away to book a consultation with our dentist about conservative dentistry in Weymouth, MA

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