Partials and Full Dentures Useful Solutions for Missing Teeth

Partials and Full Dentures Useful Solutions for Missing Teeth

Feb 01, 2021

The biggest casualty of tooth loss is not your smile but the bite pressures shifting in your mouth. Your remaining teeth start to move in the blank space to compensate for the gap in your bite. You begin to experience the shrinking of your soft and hard tissues near the missing tooth.

Take your missing tooth as inconsequential, and you begin experiencing problems with your remaining teeth. The best option to prevent all of the issues discussed is to have a partial denture helping to keep your mouth’s underlying structures, the gums, facial muscles, jawbone, and others active and engaged. Partials and dentures help prevent the shifting of your teeth while giving you the confidence to have a complete smile.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are customized dental appliances developed to replace a tooth or teeth to restore your appearance and functions. You can either have partial or full dentures according to your specific situation. If you have lost all your teeth, you will find a complete denture beneficial for your needs. If, on the other hand, you have some natural teeth left in your mouth, flexible partial dentures will suit you better.

Whether you want a tooth replacement solution in your upper or lower jaw, dentures are created according to your requirements. Partials and dentures in Weymouth, MA, create this non-invasive option for you which is affordable than other solutions for replacing missing teeth. If you have lost one or more upper teeth, you can have an upper partial denture from the dentist in Weymouth.

What a Partial Dentures Made from?

Partial dentures are made from a plastic base or metal framework supporting several teeth that must be replaced. Partials are held in the mouth by clasps and rests carefully adapted around the remaining teeth. Partial dentures using a metal framework are the traditional design and are rigid because of the durability of the metal.

Partial dentures are useful as emergency or temporary replacements for missing teeth allowing the gums and bone to heal before a durable restorative solution is created. Recent developments now make available durable and flexible alternatives in many situations.

Benefits of Partial Dentures

As mentioned earlier, partial dentures are a non-invasive and affordable option for replacing missing teeth. They undoubtedly require some maintenance but are comfortable and do an excellent job of restoring your mouth’s functionality and beauty. So long as you ensure a partial denture is clean to keep your gums healthy and the partial looking great, you can have a practical tooth replacement solution that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg like other solutions. Most importantly, if you need any further adjustments in the future, like expanding the flexible partial dentures, the dentist in Weymouth quickly ensures your needs are taken care of without saddling you with unnecessary expenditure.

Can You Eat and Sleep with Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are created to provide all the form and function of natural teeth that you lost. You will require some time to adjust to your partial appliance. However, you can enjoy most of the foods you love wearing the partial eventually. You must begin with soft foods taking care to chew slowly on both sides of your mouth. You must avoid sticky and hard foods for the best results.

Sleeping with your partial denture in place is not suggested by your dentist because it is not healthy. There are many reasons why dentists recommend partial dentures are better removed from your mouth when sleeping. These dental appliances are created for cleaning outside your mouth, allowing you an opportunity to ensure no food particles are trapped around or beneath the partial. Excellent oral care and maintenance of your partial appliance’s cleanliness are crucial for the overall health of your gums. Furthermore, your gums benefit when you allow them an opportunity to rest and recover.

If you are like many patients grinding and clenching your teeth, the pressure can damage your remaining teeth and the partial dental appliance. Therefore the better option is to remove the partial denture and soak it overnight before replacing it in your mouth the next morning.

Initially, you may think partial dentures are a hassle that you could have done without. However, if you don’t prefer bridges or implants requiring intensive procedures and substantial investment, full and partial dentures are a practical solution that proves beneficial in your mouth.

What will you do if you cannot afford implants or bridges to replace missing teeth? Choose partials and full dentures and learn how they can help you by reading this article.

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