It’s Vital to Know a Reliable Emergency Dentist Near You: Here’s Why

It’s Vital to Know a Reliable Emergency Dentist Near You: Here’s Why

Jul 01, 2020

Dental emergencies most often tend to occur when its least expected. If you have ever experienced a dental emergency, you probably understand first-hand how unpredictable these emergencies are.

Most people do not ever think they will need emergency dental care. Some believe that since they already have a general dentist in Weymouth, MA, that they visit regularly, they may never need to reach out to an alternative emergency dentist in Weymouth, MA.

This is not entirely true because you never really know when you or your loved ones will need emergency dental services. Your emergency can end up unfolding after office hours when you regular Dentist in Weymouth, MA, is done for the day or unavailable during a holiday.

When this happens, you will be confused about which emergency dentistry in Weymouth, MA, you should rush to for urgent dental care.

It is of cardinal importance that you ask your regular dentist to furnish you with the contacts of reliable emergency dentistry in Weymouth, MA, which you can go to for medical attention in case of an emergency.

Why You Should Have an Emergency Dentist in Your Dental Plan

There is a misconception that most people have regarding emergency dentists. They do not understand why they need to have an emergency dentist on call as part of their dental plan, since they may not frequently require urgent dental care services.

There are several reasons you need to have access to emergency dental services near you; here are some of them:

  • Dental Emergencies Are Time Sensitive

The faster you can get to our emergency dentistry, the higher the chances of ruling out permanent damage such as tooth loss.

Due to the time-sensitive nature of dental emergencies, you will not have ample time to start looking for an emergency dentist that you can rush to for treatment.

Doing your research on a reliable emergency dentist near you beforehand could save you a lot of valuable time during a dental emergency.

  • You Need to Know Where to Go for Treatment During an Emergency

Imagine that you have a horrible fall, and your teeth feel loose or out of place, and you are also bleeding. You cannot reach your regular dentist because it’s after working hours and the office is closed for the day.

If you do not know an emergency dentist you can visit at such a time, you will be confused and may even begin to panic. Knowing our emergency dental care facility beforehand will offer some guidance and help you stay calm as you should in such a scenario.

  • Ensuring You Get Prompt Treatment on Arrival

It’s essential to have the contacts to our urgent dental care clinic near you. This will allow you to call in advance to inform us of the nature of your emergency and that you are making your way there for treatment.

Doing so will enable our dental team to make all the adequate preparations before you get there, ensuring your treatment will be prompt and precise.

  • Eliminates the Risk of Serious Infections

If you can get to our emergency dentist promptly during your dental emergency, the risk of you getting a severe infection could be significantly reduced. Dental issues such as an abscessed tooth or broken tooth can give way to life-threatening infections that may spread to the surrounding neck, head, and facial tissues.

You do not have to sit on an urgent dental issue because you cannot reach your general dentistry. You can simply visit our emergency dentist and get the dental issue resolved before it gets out of hand.

What Dental Issues Can Be Counted As Emergencies?

Knowing what dental issues qualify to be treated as dental emergencies can help you respond better and faster during such scenarios.

Here are some of the dental problems that are regarded as dental issues that require emergency dental care:

  • Acute and persistent toothaches. This should not be ignored as they usually indicate underlying dental problems such as abscessed teeth or severe tooth decay

  • Knocked out tooth
  • Chipped or broken teeth that result in toothaches
  • Loose teeth
  • Lacerations, tears or cuts in or around your oral cavity, especially if they are bleeding excessively
  • Abscessed teeth, usually indicated by fever, toothache and sensitivity, swollen gums and foul breathe
  • Post-operative complications or infections
  • Swellings, protrusions or bulges on the gums
  • Trauma on the mouth, face or jaw
  • Facial swelling
  • Swollen or painful jaw bone

At Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry, we have an experienced dental team on call to help resolve your dental emergency promptly.

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