How Laser Gum Therapy Treats Periodontal Disease

How Laser Gum Therapy Treats Periodontal Disease

Apr 01, 2021

When we hear about laser, we think about powerful cutting machines and pointers. However, you can get laser treatments for diseased gums.

Laser technology in oral care might not cross our minds. Although it is a new technique, laser technology has grown to be an asset in oral care. Dentists have adopted laser therapy to treat gum diseases for eligible candidates.

What Laser Gum Therapy?

Laser gum therapy is a treatment procedure that utilizes a special light to treat periodontal diseases. The dentist can use the technology to access and remove inflamed gum tissue around the tooth’s root. After the periodontal procedure, the tooth’s roots become exposed, enabling deep cleaning.

Deep cleaning entails scraping off the plaque and calculus accumulated around the tooth’s root. After scraping the plaque and calculus, the dentist will smoothen the rough root surfaces, preventing the accumulation of bacteria and further complications.

With such treatments, the area around the tooth’s root can regenerate and reattach with the gums. Laser therapy would be beneficial for people with moderate to advanced periodontal disease.

Treatment Procedure

When you seek treatments for periodontal disease, your dentist will examine your teeth first to ensure you are eligible for the treatment procedure.

When you are getting laser gum therapy in Weymouth, MA, your dentist will shine a special light on the receding gum tissue around the teeth’ roots. The laser sheds the gum tissue, exposing the teeth’ roots.

After using laser therapy, your dentist will proceed to scale your teeth. Scaling involves scraping plaque and calculus deposits around the tooth’s root. Next, your dentist will smoothen the root surfaces to encourage reattachment to the gum tissue.

Apart from using a laser to cut the receding gum tissue, your dentist can use it to access and kill bacteria in the periodontal pockets. In such a scenario, the treatments don’t expose your teeth’ roots.

After the laser treatment for gums, your dentist will recommend follow-up to check for the progress of the treatments.

Post-Therapy Care

After laser gum therapy, you can consider good oral hygiene to speed up recovery and reduce the risk of other complications. Therefore, you can consider brushing and flossing your teeth regularly.

To prevent the accumulation of bacterial on the treated sites, you can consider antiseptic mouth rinses. Apart from good oral hygiene, you can fall other guidelines as provided by the dentist.

Benefits of Laser Technology in Treating Gum Disease

When you choose laser therapy to treat periodontal disease, you get to enjoy a list of benefits. Some of the benefits of laser technology in gum disease treatment include:

Limits Bleeding

When you have gingivitis, you experience bleeding when brushing your teeth and advances when left untreated. With laser therapy, you can remove and kill bacteria that cause the infection preventive further bleeding when you brush your teeth.

Optimized to Fit Your Treatment Requirements

Depending on the severity of the gum infection, your dentist can adjust wavelengths to match the patient’s treatment needs. Such a feature helps your dentist design a treatment that is unique to every patient.

Require a Short Period for Recovery

Laser therapy causes little trauma on the gums, teeth, and jaw. Therefore, you don’t require much time to recover after the treatments.

Minimally Invasive

Laser technology is less invasive and eliminates the need for drills. Therefore, if your dentist wants to cut through tissue, they can use a laser. However, the laser does not subject you to pressure and pain.

During laser therapy, your dentist might or not use local anesthesia. With minimal or no pain, the patient will be comfortable and less anxious.

Reduces the Risk of Bacteria Infection

Laser therapy doesn’t only eliminate but kills bacteria in your periodontal pockets. Therefore, when you get laser gum therapy, you are at a reduced risk of bacterial infections in your mouth.

Preserves the Healthy Parts of Your Teeth and Gums

Laser gum surgery is precise. Therefore, when you are receiving the treatments, your healthy parts of the gums and teeth are not affected. If a patient has severe bacterial infections, preserving healthy parts of the teeth is beneficial.

Laser Gum Therapy Near You

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